Korean Beauty Secrets Revealed

Korean Beauty Secrets Revealed

Moana 7 Day Radiance Infusion Challenge

When it comes to skincare, I always used to follow a minimalistic approach believing that less was more and that a good cleanser, exfoliator, makeup remover, eye cream and moisturiser were enough to maintain a healthy complexion. But as I now have come to find, the Eastern idea of what constitutes a flawless skincare regime differs significantly from the Spartan Western approach.

I’ve recently returned from a promo trip through South East Asia, representing Moana and our unique approach to skincare. Whilst in Korea, I was absolutely amazed at the flawless, radiant and smooth complexions of women of all ages. I was so in awe of their beautiful skin that I immersed myself deep within the world of beauty, in an effort to uncover the secrets to such healthy and glowing complexions.

I discovered the Korean Layer by Layer approach to facial care, and it is exactly how it is called, women use between 7 to 15 products per day! And every single one of them is designed to cover a specific need of the skin. However, even though using over 8 products a day might seem unnecessary, I was determined to try this layered approach on myself.

This is how I created my very own Moana 7 Day Radiance Infusion Challenge, which I have recently completed. The results absolutely speak for themselves and I would not only recommend layering skincare to every women on the planet, I will also continue using multiple products because my face glows and feels smoother than ever!

What you will need

This is my personal little beauty team

1. Oil based makeup remover – Chose any certified organic oil-based product, you may also use Coconut Oil. Moana Makeup Remover is coming later in the year and it melts your makeup instantly!
2. Cleansing Milk – Try Moana Cleansing Milk or any other gentle cleanser you can rinse off
3. Exfoliator – Select an organic and natural product that contains either rice powder or jojoba beads (never walnut shell). Moana Gentle Exfoliator is coming soon
4. Toner – An all-natural organic toner, with both rebalancing and hydrating properties should do the trick. Our decadent 2 in 1 Moana Toner is coming later in the year
5. Serum – Moana has two, a Day and a Night serum
6. Moisturiser – Our Moana Moisturiser is light and gentle 
7. Eye Gel – When searching for the perfect eye product, check the label for artificial fragrances and colours, PEG’s, petrochemicals and preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, and avoid the ones that contain any of these ingredients. Moana Eye Firming Gel will be available soon!
8. Day Cream – Depending on your level of moisture and age range, I would suggest Moana Renewal Day Cream for normal to dry skin types and Moana Nourishing Cream for excessively dry and mature complexions
9. Sun Screen – Chose a mineral based one that has Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide as a main ingredient. Never buy one with ingredients that end in “zone”, as this means the product is artificial

How to Layer

When it comes to the Korean beauty ritual, the order of the elements is of crucial importance to a successful outcome!

1. Cleanse, Twice!
Korean women are aware that the skin is a precious element and one that needs to be treated with respect and reverence, that is why they use two cleansing products, an oil based one and a cleansing milk or foam. As a strong advocate for natural and organic beauty products I advise against using a foam cleanser as most of these products have volatile alcohols which completely strip away the skin’s essential fatty acids, furthermore, they can actually weaken the dermal barrier.
Start by applying a cleansing oil with your fingertips, gently massaging with circular movements. Remove excess with a damp sponge or towel. Personally, I use a Konjac sponge which makes it very enjoyable for me.
Repeat the same process with Moana Cleansing Milk. Remove residue with a warm damp towel or sponge.

2. Exfoliate
Once or twice a week, treat yourself to a gentle exfoliation

3. Tone
Rebalancing your face with vitamins and minerals should be of the outmost importance to every woman, not just Koreans! This is exactly what a gentle and hydrating toner should do for you.

4. Infuse – Nourishment
Now that your complexion is clean and rebalanced, the next step is adding essential nutrition to strengthen your skin’s protective shield, you will find this in Moana Serum.
The native red seaweed in our serums transport essential nutrition deep into the skin and infuse your complexion with a powerful boost of vitamins and anti-oxidants.
Tap one or two drops of Moana Serum or Moana Night Serum into your complexion.

5. Infuse – Hydration
A highly important step in Asian beauty regimes is re-hydrating the skin. For this purpose, I use my beloved, gentle and effective Moana Moisturiser.
Simply massage a pea sized amount of this product into your skin in circular and uplifting motions and watch it quench your complexion.

6. Eye it up!
Formulated with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to treat the most sensitive area of your face, Moana Eye Firming Gel will hydrate, nourish and banish under-eye bags for a refreshed and wide-eyed appearance.
Gently tap in with your fourth finger. This will brighten your expression in no time!
*Never massage vigorously or aggressively rub over the delicate eye area.

8. Nourish
From a very early age, Korean women prefer anti-ageing and rich creams for this particular step. Personally, as I identify with a more mature age group (chronologically speaking), I gravitate between Moana Nourishing Cream/Mask and Moana Renewal Day Cream depending on the season, environment and my lifestyle choices.
Simply tap on a pea sized amount of any of these creams and massage in circular and uplifting motions.

9. Protect
Finish off your Moana’s Eastern Beauty Ritual by applying a generous layer of mineral-based sun screen. Remember that no matter the season, the sun is always out there and you need to protect your face from its harsh ageing effects.

Beauty rituals are all about claiming time for yourself and infusing your skin with fresh vitality, delivered to you by the loving touch of your hands. Once you are finished, take a moment to contemplate your image in the mirror and watch your complexion radiate from the inside out.

Aroha Nui,

Andrejka K.

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