J’ai 48 ans, et j’ai testé un échantillon de votre masque nourrissant. Ma peau est très pauvre en nutriments essentiels parce qu’elle est souvent exposée au soleil, j’ai donc pensé qu’avec ce masque elle serait peut-être enfin nourrie. J’ai ressenti littéralement cet effet, et en l’espace d’un mois j’ai pu observer une amélioration incroyable. Je recommande chaudement ce produit à toutes les femmes.

Merci beaucoup

Lisa, 48 ans, Boston, États-Unis

Lisa, Boston, États-Unis

À qui de droit. J'utilise depuis plusieurs années différents masques pour le visage, mais j'ai récemment testé le masque aux glycanes marins, et je dois dire que c'est le meilleur de tous. La peau n'est pas seulement extrêmement douce après utilisation, elle est fraîche. C’est décidé, je vais maintenant l'utiliser régulièrement. Bien cordialement.
Nicky, 43 ans, Silverdale, Nouvelle-Zélande

Nicky 43, Nouvelle-Zélande

I would like you to know how happy I am with my Moana once again. I was first introduced via samples after speaking personally with Andrejka, who took such time and care to find out all about my skin and then I ordered Instant Lifting Mask and Moisturiser to begin with. I used to have troubled skin,with rosacea and sensitivity to many cosmetics, but I can only say that my skin simply accepted these beautiful products as if it was born to them.
NOW I am proud to tell you I have the full range of Moana and just canNOT separate which is my personal favourite. I still love Instant Lifting Mask, but I adore the Night Repair Serum, and the Nourishing Mask as a boost (like chocolate for the skin, yum) a couple of times a week and my skin just looks so healthy even if I just cleanse, add serum and Renewal Day Cream if I’m in a hurry.
I turned 70 last year, and I am absolutely thrilled at how my skin looks even beside some of the young girls at the gym I go to a couple of times a week.
Plus I actually look forward to my morning routine, because of what I see reflected back in the mirror afterwards. This is an absolutely perfect range of skincare Moana, thank you.   

Carol, Kingston, Tasmania

Dear Nina,
After more than a month of using your products, I'm glad to say that they serve my skin very well! My skin's moisture has increased, fine lines are reduced and acne scars are reduced too. I can also see that my cheeks are plumper now.
Thank you.

Lydia, Malaysia

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