Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Moana Organic Skincare Pure Drop of Youth Renewal Day Cream:

A skin superfood

Back at the start of May, I wrote an introduction about Moana Organic Skincare, a New
Zealand brand that launched in the UK earlier this year. I first read about Moana Skincare in a magazine article and what caught my eye was their use of an unusual ingredient as the basis of their entire range.

The star ingredient concerned is an extract of native New Zealand Red Seaweed which contains marine glycans, one of the most exciting anti-ageing ingredients around. The seaweed is sustainably harvested from the pure, nutrient rich waters around New Zealand and is much higher in bioactive enzymes than other seaweeds. If you want to read more about what makes marine glycans so great in skin care, have a look at my original post here; today I am going to concentrate on the product itself.
I got chatting to Moana Skincare's official UK distributor, The Natural Skincare Company, and was delighted to have the chance to try out the Pure Drop of Youth Renewal Day Cream.

Even before trying the cream, there is a lot to like about Moana Skincare. Having found an effective anti-ageing ingredient, they make sure that it's present in large amounts; up to 95% of each Moana products is made up of the Red Seaweed extract. If it's something that works, I want it there in quantity and they certainly deliver in that respect.
Also, as well as the patented Red Seaweed extract, the cream also contains cold-pressed extracts from several native New Zealand plants known for their skin nourishing properties such as Harakeke, Mamaku Leaf and Kiwi Fruit. All this makes for a rich blend of antioxidants, vitamins and hydrating oils.

The texture of the cream feels somewhere between a cream and a gel; it's silky smooth and feels very light, especially for a product aimed at those with dry skin. Having been used to using heavier, rich creams for dry and mature skin, I overcompensated by applying far too much of the Moana cream initially before realising that in fact, I only needed about half the amount I would have used of my usual moisturiser; the light weight belies the performance.

So what's it like to use? People, I've had a skin care revelation. If you'd asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said I was pretty happy with how my skin looked, that for a nearly 50 year old face there wasn't an awful lot of room for improvement without surgery, which ain't never gonna happen! But then along came those marine glycans and wow, I am enjoying the best skin I've had for a long time. Firmer, brighter, smoother and a bit more, well, glowing really.

The biggest difference I've noticed since using it is that my skin feels much more deeply hydrated for longer. I apply a small amount of the cream in the morning and in the evening, my skin still feels almost as good as it did 15 hours previously. Moana claim that the bioactive enzymes from marine glycans help to carry nutrients and moisture deeper into the skin than most moisturisers and it certainly feels like that's exactly what they do.

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