By Annabel on April 17, 2014 • Beauty

If you are searching for a skincare range that is totally natural, organic and innovational then go no further because Moana (pronounced Mo- Ana i.e not moaner!) skincare from The Natural Skincare Company will satisfy your needs. At a time when we are so concerned with what we put in our bodies we should be equally concerned with what we rub into our skins.

Moana skincare range uses up to 95% of the main bioactive
ingredient, Glycoplus®. Glycoplus® is a naturally processed native New Zealand red seaweed extract, totally unique to the Moana skincare range. Moana has expertly combined red seaweed with other NZ active botanicals such as Harakeke, Mamaku, Kowhai and Manuka Honey, to create a truly ground-breaking skincare product range.

I was sent a sample of the cleansing milk and the day cream to try out. I have very
dry skin, which of course is fairly normal for most women over 50, and becasue of this I do not like cleansers that leave my skin feeling tight and dry however clean they have made my skin. Moana cleansing milk left my skin feeling moisturised and fresh; there are some natural oils in the cleansing milk but it did not leave my skin feeling greasy.

In the morning I tried the organic renewal day cream which is an intense hydrating boost for daily use and again I felt that not only did my skin feel moisturised immediately, the feeling lasted all day which is an issue I have with many other moisturisers i.e. I feel as if I would like to apply some more halfway through the day.

To summarise: Moana Skincare

  • is extracted from a specific variety of Red seaweed found only in the oceans off New Zealand
  • replenishes the skin’s natural glycan stores which reduce with age, reversing wrinkles and the signs of age
  • has high levels of natural minerals, anti-oxidants and hydrating oils
  • is natural and organic
  • is free of harmful chemicals
  • makes the skin feel positive effects immediately
  • has high concentrations of red seaweed marine glycans (up to 95% throughout the Moana product range)

The only negative is that although the red seaweed acts as a type of sunscreen is only has an SPF of around 4 – 6. However, this is outweighed by the fact that there is literally NOTHING organic and natural with the same impeccable credentials as Moana and I would highly recommend that you try a couple of the products and see how you get on.

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