Moana organic skincare review - by Ingrid Long

Moana, a certified 100% Organic skincare range based in New Zealand, have an amazing anti- aging skincare line on the market, the main ingredient being native New Zealand red seaweed. Moana have already received accolades, with their products being described
as “nature’s botox”.

There’s something special about skincare produced in New Zealand, the ingredients used are so unique and nourishing. Moana have harnessed the effects of potent superfoods and created this range using extensive research in skin biochemistry. Each of these products contains New Zealand Red Algae Extract (Marine Glycans). Red Seaweed is very close to the structure of human skin, Marine Glycans promotes collagen production, which means fewer wrinkles, smooth skin and no botox injections!

From the first application I could tell this range was perfect for my skin type. I have oily skin, but I also need to use an anti-aging product, some anti-aging products are too thick and heavy for my skin, but this felt light, smooth and hydrating.

I used the cleansing milk morning and night, I loved the scent, it’s a fresh, clean natural aqua scent which reminds me of the ocean, it left my skin feeling clean and soft, without feeling harsh. Sometimes it’s nice to have a change from the citrus style cleansers, I love the marine based ingredients in this.

The moisturiser is light and glides on smoothly, melting into my skin, leaving no oily residue, a great every day moisturiser and perfect to wear under make-up. Containing marine glycans (red seaweed) and Harakeke (New Zealand flax, it's nectar offers at least ten times the anti- inflammatory and hydration potency of Aloe Vera). Mamaku, a black fern of New Zealand, repairs DNA in human skin, it's an ingredient which is highly sought after.
This is one of my favourite moisturisers, hydrating my skin with just the right balance, which can be both dry and oily. I can also recommend this for those with acne prone skin, as I didn't get one spot while I was using this.

The serum is highly concentrated in red seaweed (almost 100%). Used after cleansing, it had a pleasant tightening effect on my skin, which I could especially feel around my eyes.
The oil contains Hemp Seed Oil (one of my favourite ingredients for great skin), Evening Primrose Oil, Kawakawa Oil and Kiwi seed Oil, it also acts as a natural defense against UV damage. Out of the entire range, the oil is probably my favourite, on top of the beautiful, natural scent this contains, it made my skin feel so soft and smooth throughout the entire day.
Combining both the serum and oil together had a powerful effect on my skin and reduced the appearance of age lines, especially on my neck and decollatage area.

Very good for hydrating and plumping up skin. I also used this combination after sun exposure and the next morning the heat and redness had gone away.
The instant lifting mask contains marine glycols, manuka honey, kiwifruit extract, new zealand plant extracts and chamomile oil. After I used this mask my skin felt so clean and soft. I've never been a heavy user of masks, but I'm at the age now that I really do need to start using them more often. The mask glides on when applied and 15 minutes later my skin felt so different, it felt younger. After using this I might become addicted to using face masks!

I am certain that anyone who tries this skincare range will be very pleased with the results. I would be very happy to continue using these products long term.
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