Moana - unprecedented 60 hours Continual hydration!

Something revolutionary in beauty is about to launch in Australia.

Moana - unprecedented 60 hours Continual hydration!
Turning the industry on its head, Moana organic skincare is a new groundbreaking system with clinically proven hydration that lasts for an unprecedented 60 hours!
Moana is the only certified organic skincare with independent clinical trials that validate its products for 60 hours of continual hydration.
Now, the cult beauty brand that is creating a buzz across Europe, the US and New Zealand is available for the first time in Australia.
Moana comes to you from the land of the long white cloud.

A skincare range inspired by the vibrancy of New Zealand, islands of lush green rain forests, snow capped mountains, crystal blue waters and breathtaking coastlines.

New Zealand’s remote isolation ensures its pristine flora and fauna is relatively untouched by pollutants, oceans bursting with minerals and plants grown in rich volcanic soil.

Moana have harnessed its rare and precious gifts of nature, to create a totally unique and indulgent professional skincare system that soothes, nourishes and restores.

Moana’s star ingredient, Glycoplus® red seaweed extract is at the forefront of cosmeceutical skincare and is used throughout the ranges formulations.

Its biochemical structure closely resembles human skin.

The sugar chains from the plant mimic our own, instructing the skin cells to produce more collagen and are absorbed deep into the dermal layer.

Glycans have properties that fill out the interstitial spaces on cells, which tension and tighten skin, improving its firmness and hydration.

Moana blend its nutrient rich red seaweed extract with majestic botanicals that have been used for hundreds of years by the Maori people.

These include Mamaku Black Fern, Kowhai native trees, Harakeke, New Zealand Flax, Kawakawa oil as well as Manuka Honey and Botanical Oils from kiwifruit, avocado, hemp seed oil and olive oil, all rich in natural botanicals.

The range is up to 97% bio-active and these ingredients combined offer the highest levels of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to keep your skin rejuvenated, moisturised, supple and radiant.

The Moana award winning skincare range includes Cleansing Milk to purify and cleanse the skin, Moisturiser with an intense hydrating boost for daily care and Renewal Day Cream, your skins super-food.

For the evening, restore and repair with the 95% seaweed Night Repair Serum for overnight rejuvenation.

The skincare collection also includes, two luxurious masks, the Instant Lifting Mask, to rediscover your youthful face and Exquisite Radiance Complex Nourishing Mask to maintain firmness and elasticity, and stimulate collagen production.

Finally to complete the collection Moana Oil with the power to restore and Pure Drop of Youth Serum to maintain long lasting bioactive hydration.

‘Moana’s innovation has created a stir in the beauty world with media and industry all clambering to try the range. Our products speak for themselves and we have grown the business just through people failing in love with the products.We have won the Modra Planeta (Blue Planet) Trophy Award from Interbeauty in Prague and awards from Natural Health Magazine in the UK.

In the two years since our initial launch our products have reached across Europe and the USA and I can’t wait to launch to our Australian neighbours,’ said Nina Tasev, Co-Founder and Director of Moana.

Moana’s certified organic, bioactive, cosmeceutical range has been developed by highly trained and respected cosmetic experts, using precious botanicals, red seaweed glycans and only the purest and highly concentrated organic ingredients.

Moana products do not contain any petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances and are not tested on animals, are eco-harvested and environmentally friendly.

So with Moana’s innovative, bio-active skincare, you know that what you are putting onto your skin is pure, certified organic nourishment produced with environmental friendly practices.

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