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I’m in a pickle… my skin is changing – and changing fast! I have typically had oily skin with a tendency for spots. As I age, my skin has become drier with more wrinkles, yet I still get breakouts. How does one treat dry skin without exacerbating blemishes? Thanks to Moana Skincare, I think I may have found an answer!

Moana, is a certified 100% organic skincare line from New Zealand. Their main ingredient, red seaweed, is native to New Zealand and each of Moana’s products also contains red algae extract (marine glycans). Red seaweed is very close to the structure of human skin and marine glycans promotes collagen production, which means fewer wrinkles, smooth skin and no botox injections!


The packaging is sturdy and understated with elegant frosted bottles. It is hard to judge how much product remains, but the bottles are frosted as to not let light break down the organic ingredients.

From the first application I liked the products very much. Many anti-aging products are too much for my oily skin. They’re too thick and heavy for my skin, or cause breakouts; but the products from Moana felt light and hydrating.


The Drop of Youth Oil contains hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil, kawakawa oil and kiwi seed oil, and also acts as a natural defense against UV damage. Of all the three Moana products I tested, the oil is my favorite.


Since I am pretty sensitive to scents, I did not love the scent. It might have been my imagination, but I detected an a oceany, fishy scent. But knowing the products are organic and effective, I could deal with it.


Designed to give skin “that little extra boost” this oil soothes and nourishes complexions. The Moana Oil made my skin feel hydrated, soft and smooth, but not greasy at all.


Next up in this nourishing trio is the Pure Drop of Youth Moisturizer. This lotion is light and glides on so smoothly, just melting into my skin, and leaving no oily residue.


This moisturizer contains more of that renowned red seaweed, as well as harakeke aka New Zealand flax, which boasts at least ten times the anti-inflammatory and hydration potency of aloe vera. Pretty impressive.


While testing this, I did double up with my regular moisturizer for daytime to add SPF protection. And most nights I felt as though the oil and serum combination were hydrating enough to skip this lotion. My oily skin didn’t need the extra moisture (and did not want to trigger acne by layering too many products).


The Pure Drop of Youth Serum is highly concentrated in red seaweed. Moana recommends that you use the serum and oil together and I have to say they had an immediate effect on my skin.


I like that it is safe to use this serum around the eye area (hello – and goodbye – to those crows feet!). My skin looked plumped and glowing after just one application. My skin felt hydrated the following day.

After using these products for a month or so, I can absolutely recommend the Moana line for those with aging, acne prone skin, as I didn’t get one spot while I was using this AND my skin feels moisturized even with the changing weather. My skin has a glow and this line would work for any type of skin at any age!

Readers – How do you deal with fighting both acne and aging?

Stephanie was born in France and travels there every year to visit her mom and relatives. She now lives Stateside with her two kitties; Winston and Pippa. Makeup is her passion (she worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier), she also loves to cook, do artsy stuff and garden.

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